The Ultimate Doodhpathri Travel Guide

doodhpathri kashmir travel guide

Ever pondered what it would be like to be surrounded by endless emerald green meadows? Ever wished you could spend time beside a river that was running crystal clean and breathed fresh air that was blown by towering pine trees? Then Doodhpathri is unquestionably the place for you to be. Doodhpathri is a remote and tranquil hillstation that is 42 kilometres from the state’s main city of Srinagar. It has recently made it onto the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism lists. Located in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, this bowl-shaped valley is 8957 feet above sea level.

Doodhpathri is a lovely meadow with emerald grass that appears to be a carpet of green. A lovely river flows through the midst of the meadow, giving it a wonderful beauty and liveliness. It dances and reverberates with the wind. It appears to be a very lovely and comfortable environment. It feels so great to walk on the beautiful grass.

Doodhpathri, which translates to “Valley of Milk,” has a number of origin stories. Some claim that the river flowing through the meadows gushes with such energy that, from a distance, it appears to be milk. A prominent Kashmiri saint Sheikh Noor din Noorani once prayed for water and poked the ground with his stick, but instead of receiving water, milk flowed out of the ground. Be sure to stroll among the ice stones of all sizes that surround this river and chill your feet down in its refreshing water.

Where is Doodhpathri situated?

Doodhpathri is situated in Kashmir’s Budgam district, around 42 kilometres from Srinagar. By car, it takes roughly two hours to get here from Srinagar. Trekking is another option for getting to the meadows from Yusmarg.

How to Reach Doodhpathri, Kashmir?

By Air: The Srinagar International Airport is the closest airport to Doodhpathri. Buses are accessible from there to Budgam, which is about 2 km from the airport, in the Humhama neighbourhood.

By Bus: From Lalchowk Srinagar, take a bus to Badgam (30 km away), where you may grab a car to Khansahib. You can order a taxi from Khansahib stand to Doodhpathri. In total, the trip takes two to three hours.

Places to visit in Doodhpathri

Other than taking in the meadows and the towering peaks surrounding it, there isn’t much to do in Doodhpathri. There aren’t any adventurous things to do here. The greatest thing to do in this location is to take in the serene and natural surroundings. The location is ideal for enjoying photography.

You can visit the riverbed and have fun there. You can get a ride on a pony to the riverbed. There is a hike down there as well.

Hotels in Doodhpathri

If you want to travel in Kashmir a little differently and escape the crowds, the JKTDC Doodhpathri resort is a fantastic place to stay.

Camping Spots at Doodhpathri

The place is known for plenty of camping spots and from Daksum the trail rises fairly steeply to the Sinthan Pass located at the height of 3,748m.

You can visit a few locations close to Doodhpathri

Tangnar: This is another another lovely valley with hills covered in meadows and pine and deodar trees. On your way to Doodhpatri, you will pass through Tangnar, which is located around 2-3 kilometres before Doodhpathri.

Palmaidan: Literally translated as “place of huge stones,” Palmaidan is a location. About 5 miles separate Palmaidan from Doodhpathri, and shepherds frequently go there to graze their herds and livestock. Another meadow, but this one is surrounded by pine and deodar trees and has large stones all over it. On one side of the meadows, a tiny brook flows.

Mujhpathri: The name Mujhpathri means “Valley of Turnips” in English. Near Doodhpathri, a little hamlet called this one can be found on the Shaliganga River’s banks.

Dishkal: Hikers should visit this location. The Shaliganga stream at Doodhpathri is 10 kilometres away from Dishkal. On top of the mountains, there is a lovely meadow with a view of the Ashtaar Glacier.

Doodhpathri Kashmir Tour Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions About Doodhpathri

What is the best time to visit Doodhpathri?

Doodhpathri often experiences good weather all year long. However, the area experiences significant snowfall and temperatures that are several degrees below zero in January and February. Sometimes the roads are still blocked.

Where should you eat in Doodhpathri? 

Doodhpathri itself doesn’t have any restaurants. Some shepherds’ huts offer Kashmiri tea and food for sale. About 6 kilometres away, in Raiyar, is the closest restaurant. There are a few restaurants and shops that sell decent food.

Are there any banks or ATMs at Doodhpathri?

At Doodhpathri, there are no banks or ATMs. Khan Sahib has the closest.

How is the mobile network at Doodhpathri?

In Jammu and Kashmir, only postpaid connections are functional. Therefore, your prepaid SIM cards won’t function here. Up till Raiyar, you’ll have complete connectivity, but after that, the connection will be gone. Users of BSNL might experience greater luck.

Weather in Doodhpathri

The Doodhpathri continues to have mild weather. From May to September, the spring and summer seasons are the greatest times to travel.

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