Bhaderwah is a valley with alluring natural beauty and expansive views, earning it the nickname “Chhota Kashmir.” Bhaderwah offers visitors a mix of stunning scenery, vibrant local fairs, a festive festival atmosphere, and a distinctive mosaic of cultures. The deodar and kail trees, as well as the River Neeru, are essential to this saucer valley’s beauty. The seasons affect the various moods of the place. The valley is covered in snow in the winter and is ablaze with the colours of the flowers that bloom everywhere in the summer and spring. Visitors fall in love with Bhaderwah when they see the entire beautiful panorama of the sylvan Bhaderwah valley against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Bhaderwah’s Culture and History

Additionally, Bhaderwah is a place of fairs and celebrations including the Sobar Dhar Mela, Mela Pat, Kud dance, and Pahari traditional melodies and music. A hundred-year-old mosque, an ancient Vasuki Nag Temple, and the Fort are some of its other heritage attractions.

Best Season to visit Bhaderwah

March till November and snow fall happens in the month of November till February depends on ones choice.

How to reach Bhaderwah

The main hub to reach Bhadarwah is Jammu. Jammu is connected both by Air and Rail to all major Indian Metros. It is approximately 200 Kms form Jammu to Bhaderwah by road.

Route from Himachal to Bhaderwah

Chamba-Bhaderwah Road (90 Kms). It is a road that leads you past numerous breathtaking panoramic views of the unspoiled countryside. The 8th km of the Bhaderwah-Chamba road is where the 166 km long Bhaderwah-Bani-Basholi route starts.

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

Seoj Meadow: Seoj’s meadow is bordered on its western side by a raging river that rises from the hills that surround Kailash Kund. While there are extensive areas of meadows on the eastern side, the view across the river is an exact duplicate of Pahalgam’s splendour. The Ramnagar parts of the Udhampur district are reached via rolling meadows that descend across the Seoj rivulent’s crystal-clear water on the western side.

Chinta Valley: At a height of 6,500 feet, a lovely valley with the Chinta Nallah running through it and dense coniferous trees on all sides may be found. Picnickers like a grassy meadow named Bagan on one side of the hamlet.

Jai Valley: The beautiful Jai longitudinal valley, which is situated at a height of 7000 feet, is five kilometres from Chinta. A beautiful valley may be seen 35 kilometres from Bhaderwah. It is a 6 km2 area that is incredibly gorgeous. The valley is encircled by tall, steep-sloped deodar trees, and a lovely, expansive meadow is nearby.

Padri: At a height of 10,500 feet and 40 kilometres from the Bhaderwah-Chamba route, Padri is a “Gali” of undulating terrain. Heavy snowfall of up to 5 metres per day continues until mid-June. It is a well-known and popular picnic location in Bhaderwah. In addition to Satringal, Kahni Top, Bhal Padri, Nalthi- basti, Hanga, Noorie, Devchatar, and Kellar, there are more well-known locations nearby with access to the hilly terrain and beautiful beauty.

Khellani: A Deodar-covered plateau with a forest area overlooking the Kellar valley is 15 kilometres from Bhaderawh. An appropriate recreation area is one that is drained by the Bankut Nallah. The valley produces an abundance of fruits such apricots, peaches, plums, and apples from late summer through autumn. You can take the road back to Khellani after taking a stroll via the Khellani Pass through the many communities joined at Maulote.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Bhaderwah

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