Snow-trekking and skiing in Gulmarg are both popular winter activities in Kashmir. In general, the winter season lasts from December through April, with some ski touring into May. The coldest and shortest days are in December and January.

At valley level, temperatures can drop as low as -10C, but dry air and frequent bright days greatly assist. The majority of this season’s snow is beautiful, fluffy, and light in texture. Although the weather gradually warms up and the days lengthen, February still has the potential to be quite chilly.

Even the fine, powdery snow is still incredibly enjoyable to have in February. The sunniest and warmest months on average are March and April. When the weather is warm, it’s normal to only wear a t-shirt. The snowpack has started to consolidate and get stronger, and it is deepest in the mountains. At lower elevations, when the snow is wetter during the day, melting has begun.

Best Time to visit Kashmir in Winters

The ideal winter months to visit Kashmir are December through February. The minimum temperature drops to -8 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature sometimes reaches 10 degrees Celsius. The 40-day window between December 21 and January 31—also known as Chilai Kalan—is regarded as the most crucial because if it snows, the situation only gets worse. Kashmir experiences pleasant winter weather during which the surroundings become more gloomy and the bone-chilling cold can leave you feeling numb.

Activities In Kashmir During The Winter

For your upcoming vacation, check out this list of Kashmir’s most captivating winter activities. To learn more about the most alluring winter activities, keep scrolling down and reading!

Dal Lake – Visit Dal Lake and take a shikara ride
Harissa – Try A Kashmiri Winter Delicacy
Pahalgam – Rafting And A Pony Ride
Sonamarg – Looking At Snow Mountain Valley’s Best
Gulmarg – Skiing And A Cable Car Ride
Snow Camping And Trekking – An Exciting Adventure

1. Dal Lake – Visit Dal Lake and take a shikara ride

You may certainly browse Kashmir’s shops and purchase those deftly woven Pashmina shawls and carpets, but don’t forget to take a boat ride as well. The pleasure of staying in one of Kashmir’s top houseboats or having a romantic boat ride across the region’s stunning lakes is unmatched. When taking a Kashmir vacation, a boat ride is the mother of all romantic experiences. Even the lakes begin to partially freeze as the mercury drops dramatically. Nothing is more entrancing than planning a Shikara ride. One of the best winter activities in Kashmir is taking a shikara ride.

2. Harissa – Try A Kashmiri Winter Delicacy

If you want to spend a few winters in Kashmir, there are numerous things to do. The cuisine from Kashmir is also worth mentioning. Some of the most well-known and mouthwatering dishes to try include Kashmiri Pulav, Kehwa, dum aloo, Yakhni, and Kebabs, but the Harissa steals the show. Everyone should sample the traditional Kashmiri dish called harissa. Kashmiris eat mostly this non-vegetarian delicacy, which requires over 12 hours to make, throughout the winter. Harissa’s main ingredients are lamb and rice.

3. Pahalgam – Rafting And A Pony Ride

Without ponies, winter in Kashmir would never be as bearable. The ponies transport you down the valley when the uncharted pathways become too challenging to navigate on foot. The fact that Kashmir’s winter is seen as an off-season for tourism makes visitors more likely to spend more. The verb is to bargain. A horse or pony ride is necessary if you want to see Kashmir’s glaciers at their best. Be careful; even animals make mistakes occasionally.

4. Sonamarg – Looking At Snow Mountain Valley’s Best

Sonamarg is accessible by car in one hour from Srinagar (80 km from Srinagar). Although it is sometimes claimed that Sonamarg is inaccessible in the winter due to severe snowfall and avalanches, one can successfully navigate the challenging trail with the assistance of locals. One location in Kashmir that will leave you breathless is Sonamarg. With its golden splendour changing to a white sea, Sonamarg has unmatched beauty.

Since Thajiwas Glacier and Zero Point are the most stunning of all, they are well-liked destinations in Sonamarg. Accept the beauty; the golden fields’ charm endures even in the gloomy winter.

5. Gulmarg – Skiing And A Cable Car Ride

Skiing is the most well-liked of all the adventurous activities that you may engage in during the winter in Gulmarg Kashmir. The most well-liked winter tourist destinations in Kashmir are Gulmarg and Sonamarg, which draw thrill-seekers willing to defy the bitter cold. In Gulmarg, there are numerous local businesses that organise adventure activities.

In Gulmarg, taking a cable car is a very amazing experience. Other well-liked wintertime activities to consider include hot air ballooning, ice skating, and heli-skiing.

6. Snow Camping And Trekking – An Exciting Adventure

There are more chances of receiving a nice discount if you want to stay in a Kashmiri resort or hotel. The offseason of winter makes a visit to Kashmir more affordable. Online price comparison is important since you never know when you’ll find a great deal.

Note: * Always avoid the avalanche-prone zones!

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Tips for skiing in Gulmarg

Some of the most essential tips for skiing in Gulmarg are –

  • Beware of Altitude sickness in Gulmarg, if you have health concerns then please keep essential medicines to eliminate altitude sickness. Take pause to explore places as this will enable you to take rest.
  • Take proper ski insurance.
  • Sometimes good quality gears are not available.  So, please take your own skis or snowboards.
  • You will need good snow shoes and helmets.
  • You will need a ski holder strap to keep your skis together.
  • Keep spare memory cards and batteries for cameras.

Tips For Winter In Kashmir

  • Be prepared for the delay in flights because of extreme weather.
  • Roads aren’t as comfortable to travel on as it seems. The closures are frequent because of heavy snowfall.
  • Enquire about the roads and weather forecast well in advance.
  • A budget hotel might not be equipped with the electric blanket while deluxe hotels give you the facility of an electric blanket. Enquire about it in advance.
  • Pahalgam is easy while Gulmarg won’t be easy to travel. Anyway, snow clearing machines ensure that roads are in the perfect condition to travel.
  • Shops are mostly opened lest there is a curfew situation in the valley. You may chance upon some great deals in shops during winters.
  • Book a prepaid car well in advance for your entire trip. Local transport isn’t good during winters.
  • You might find Dal Lake frozen. It depends upon the amount of snowfall.
  • Carry your best winter clothings and gears. -10 degrees isn’t easy to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter In Kashmir

Is it safe to camp in Kashmir during winter?

While some parts of Kashmir are off-limits to tourists, the main sites like Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam can still be visited to take in the natural beauty.

Best Places to visit in Kashmir during winters?

Here are the best places to visit in Kashmir in winter: 1. Srinagar 2. Pahalgam 3. Sonamarg 4. Gulmarg

Is tourism open in Kashmir?

Yes, Kashmir is open for the tourists. Travelers from the other states are allowed in Kashmir.

How many days are sufficient for Kashmir?

Anywhere between 7 to 10 days are sufficient to explore Kashmir in the best way possible,

Kashmir Winter Tour Packages


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