Dharamshala Ropeway: Ticket Price, Timing, and How to Reach

Dharamshala, a serene hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India, is known for its stunning natural beauty, tranquil monasteries, and vibrant culture. One of the most popular attractions in the town is the Dharamshala Ropeway, which offers visitors a scenic way to explore the mountains and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dharamshala Ropeway, including ticket prices, timings, online booking, timetable, and location.

Dharamshala Ropeway Location

The Dharamshala Ropeway is located in the town of Dharamshala, near the famous Bhagsu Nag Temple. It connects the lower town of McLeod Ganj with the hilltop temple of Bhagsu Nag, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts a large number of devotees every year.

Dharamshala Ropeway Timings

The ropeway operates daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and the ride takes around 12 minutes each way. The last ticket is sold at 6:30 PM, and visitors are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time to avoid rush hour.

Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway Ticket Prices

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The ticket price for the Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway For one-way, the ropeway costs Rs 425 and for two-ways, the ropeway costs Rs 650

Dharamshala Ropeway Online Booking

Visitors can book their Dharamshala Ropeway tickets online through the official website or through various travel portals. Online booking is recommended, especially during peak tourist season, as it saves time and guarantees a spot on the ropeway.

Dharamshala Ropeway Timetable

The Dharamshala Ropeway operates on a fixed timetable, with cable cars departing every 15 minutes. The schedule may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and other factors, so it’s advisable to confirm the timings before making plans.

Dharamshala Ropeway Timetable

The ride on the Dharamshala Ropeway offers a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and forests. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar mountain range while riding in the comfortable cable cars. The journey also offers a glimpse into the local culture, as visitors can see the colorful Tibetan prayer flags fluttering in the wind and hear the sound of temple bells ringing in the distance.

Dharamshala Ropeway Additional Information

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Duration: The entire journey on the Dharamshala Ropeway takes around 20-25 minutes, including the time spent waiting in queues and the actual ride time. Visitors can also opt for a one-way ride, which costs INR 425 per person.

Accessibility: The Dharamshala Ropeway is wheelchair accessible and is suitable for people of all ages. However, visitors with vertigo or fear of heights may find the ride a bit challenging.

Safety Measures: The Dharamshala Ropeway is equipped with the latest safety features and is regularly inspected to ensure the safety of passengers. Visitors are advised to follow all safety guidelines and instructions while riding the ropeway.

Other Attractions: Apart from the Dharamshala Ropeway, visitors can also explore the nearby Bhagsu Nag Temple, which is a popular pilgrimage site and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The town of McLeod Ganj, located at the lower end of the ropeway, is also worth exploring, with its vibrant markets, cafes, and monasteries.


The Dharamshala Ropeway is a fun and exciting way to explore the mountains and enjoy breathtaking views of the Kangra Valley. With its convenient timings, affordable ticket prices, and top-notch safety features, it’s a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Dharamshala. So, book your tickets today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

FAQs About Dharamshala Ropeway

A: The ticket prices for the Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway vary depending on the type of ticket and the age of the passenger. As of 2023, the ticket prices range from one-way, the ropeway costs Rs 425 and for two-ways, the ropeway costs Rs 650

A: The Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway is equipped with various safety features, including emergency brakes, CCTV cameras, and automatic cabin doors. Additionally, trained staff are always present at the stations to assist passengers and ensure their safety.

A: Yes, the Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway is wheelchair accessible. The cable car cabins are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, and the stations are equipped with ramps and elevators for easy access.

A: The best time to visit the Dharamshala Skyway Ropeway is from March to June and from September to December when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions before planning a visit as the ropeway may close due to inclement weather.

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