Places to visit in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is one of the most famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, and every year, thousands of people throng here for a summer retreat. Situated far away from the buzzing cities, Dalhousie transports you to nature’s lap, far away from the pollution and monotony of everyday life.



Khajjiar is a small town located close (20km) to Dalhousie and is great for a day or overnight trip. Known for its nine-hole golf course and breathtaking landscape. The Khajji Nag temple was built in the 12th century and has been attracting devotees.



Panchpula is a popular picnic spot in Dalhousie, India. It is best known for Saptdhara Waterfall, the starting point of the Ganji Pahari trek and activities like Ziplining, and Burma Bridge. The area is covered in pine and deodar trees.


Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary  

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the picturesque hilly Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The name Kalatop means 'black cap', which refers to the thick, black forest cover on the highest hilltop. Hundreds of small freshwater streams flow into the Ravi river north of the sanctuary.


Chamera Lake

The Chamera Lake is the man-made reservoir for the Chamera Dam. It is a popular picnic spot and boating location. The perennial carpeting of deodar conifers and the squeaky cleanliness in the air make the place unmissable.


Ganji Pahari 

Ganji Pahari is a scenic hill located near Dalhousie. The 1-2 hour trek to Ganji Pahari starts from Panchpula. The name Ganji Pahari was derived from its salient feature which is the complete absence of flora on the hill -'Ganji' meaning Bald in the local language, and 'Pahari' meaning Hill. During winters, the same terrain is covered in a thick coat of snow. 


Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak is perched at an elevation of 2755 masl in Dalhousie. The peak offers a bird's eye view of the astonishing verdant valleys and mountains. Camping and trekking to the peak makes your trip all the more exciting. 


Gandhi Chowk 

Gandhi Chowk, or GPO, is the Mall Road of Dalhousie. The town has a number of local bazaars and centres at Gandhi Chowk. One can shop for simple local souvenirs, woollen clothes and every-day treasures.

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