Suchetgarh Border Tourism

Suchetgarh border post, has been developed as a tourism spot by the Jammu Kashmir tourism department. The Suchetgarh Border post is 28 kms from main Jammu.

The road to Nai Basti-Gulabgarh from Jammu follows the train route as it existed prior to 1947 and a number of old buildings can be seen on the way.. Suchetgarh Post served as the route to Sialkot during the pre-partition era, which is just 11 kms from the post and earlier there was an Octroi post at this point.

On the other side of the border post lies a spectacular Banyan Tree, which is as old as 100 years.

In close vicinity are the “Gharana and Abdullian wet lands where migratory birds of a number of varieties flock during winter season.

Go and Spend time with our brave BSF jawans at Suchetgarh, India – Pakistan International Border 🇮🇳

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