Baba Chamliyal Shrine on Indo-Pak International Border

The holy shrine of Baba Chamliyal is believed to be 320 years old and is located in a village, Chamliyal which is about 42 kilometres away from Jammu. Every year a three-day trans-border fair is held amidst the traditional religious chanting and beats of drums at Chamliyal, which is less than 200 meters away from the International border.

This Dargah was constructed in the remembrance of a spiritual preceptor Baba Dilip Singh Manhas known as Baba Chamliyal. The saint was famous among the villagers of this particular area. But it is proclaimed that some anti-social elements were jealous of saint’s popularity following which they called Baba to Saidawali, which is about 500 metres away from the existing shrine which is now in Pakistan. Later, they beheaded the saint and threw his body in Saidwali but it is said that baba’s head somehow reached to village Chamliyal owing to the spiritual powers he had and thus fell at the place where the present monument is made. But baba’s body was buried in Saidawali (now in Pakistan) and a monument was built there as well. Devotees from both the countries (India and Pakistan) visit this place.

Shakkar‘ and ‘Sharbat’ of Baba Chamliyal

Devotees of the Dargah, believe that the shakkar and sharbat (shakkar is the holy mud dug out from the Dargah land, and sharbat is the holy water dug out from Dargah well) have been blessed by Baba Chamliyal and can cure skin diseases—especially vitiligo. In this condition, the skin pigment cells or melanocytes are destroyed in some parts of the body leading to the appearance of white spots on the skin. A set of rules and conditions, locally called parhez is put up on a board near the Shakkar well and reads that before taking out the water for personal use, one must be ready to follow these conditions, lest it be redundant or even counter-productive. Dietary constraints include abstaining from the intake of non-vegetarian food and alcohol or related products. It extends to refraining from curd, tomato, and other sour vegetables. Adequate distance from both leather and wood are to be maintained and so it is advised that the person sleeps on the floor and bathes without the use of oil and soap. The exercise of this moderation for a period of 21 days apart from the regular use of the Shakkar and Sharbat mix is called chaliya. Most people, especially those who travel from across the country for a cure of vitiligo, stay in the dormitories built near the Dargah. Free langar and water is provided at all times of the day, everyday, from the heap of the harvest gifts that villagers pay at the shrine.

Baba Chamliyal Mela

As pilgrims from Pakistan are not permitted to cross the border of India and Pakistan, every year they assemble at the Saidanwali village, situated on the international boundary. Before the war between India and Pakistan in the year 1971, Pakistanis were permitted to visit India’s side of the boundary, but now the border police called Pakistani Rangers are permitted to take part in the fair and they offers Chaddar on behalf of the Pakistani populace.

History of Baba Chamliyal

How to Reach: From Jammu Airport the shrine is around 37 KM, it is 36 KM from Jammu Tawi station and 39 KM from General Bus Stand.

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