Places To Visit In Bhaderwah

The tiny but charming town of Bhaderwah is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in the Doda district of Jammu & Kashmir. Commonly acknowledged as “Mini Kashmir”, the town is located 80 kilometres from the town of Batote and 205 kilometres from Jammu city. The town is simply gorgeous with quite a few praiseworthy grasslands, unexplored valleys, glittering water-bodies, rocky terrains and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

What else is Bhaderwah addressed as? Can you guess? ‘Nagon ki Bhoomi’ or the ‘land of snakes’. It is the choicest homeland for many different species of snakes and at an elevation of 1613 m, it is a captivating sight in Jammu. Be it a vibrant vacation or you are simply in the mood of some adventure, Bhaderwah welcomes its visitors with open arms to witness all its beauty.

Places To Visit In Bhaderwah

1. Seoj Meadow

seoj meadow bhaderwah
Seoj Meadow Bhaderwah

If Gulmarg and Pahalgam are jewels of “Paradise ” on earth, Seoj Meadow is diamond in the crown of Bhadarwah, pride of Jammu region. The amazing beauty is found in plenty. On the south is the sacred Kailash Kund , surrounded by snow-capped mountains. On way to Kailash Kund, there is unique landscape at Shankh Paddar.

The meadow of Seoj is flanked by a beautiful river on its west which emanates from hills surrounding Kailash Kund. The landscape across the river is replica of the beauty of Pahalgam whereas on the eastern side there are long stretches of grasslands. On the western side meadows take a descent along crystalline water of Seoj rivulet and run towards Ramnagar areas of Udhampur district. Seoj Dhar, as locally knwon, is the camping ground for thousands of yatris of famous Kailash Yatra who come from Bhadarwah.

2. Padri Bhaderwah

padri bhaderwah
Padri Bhaderwah

Padri is a “Gali” of undulating landscape, located 40 kms. from Bhadarwah on Bhadarwah Chamba road, at a height of 10,500 feet. It is the highest point on Bhadarwah-Chamba road. It experiences heavy snow fall upto 5 metres and snow-melting continues right upto mid June. It is one of the most sought after picnic spot even now, and with the opening of interstate bus service between Bhadarwah and Chamba, its importance will increase.

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The gentle curves and slopes of hills beset with lushgreen carpet of grass comes as surprise. Calm of the meadow is broken when thousands of pilgrims of the famous Mani-Mahesh Yatra pass through Padri in July every year. In addition to the natural beauty, one can have thrilling horse ride on the meadown. The Central Govt. has approved the spot for development of facility for trekkers.

3. Jai Valley Bhaderwah

jai valley bhaderwah
Jai Valley Bhaderwah

Jai the Everlasting Green Valley lies on the North East of Bhadarwah town about 32 Kms. away connected to the town by beautiful Bhadarwah-Jai Link Road. The Valley runs in kilometers bisected by the rivulet called Jai Nallah flowing towards the Thathri Tehsil Headquarters where it merges into Kalgoni Nallah which has mighty waterfalls and rocks which pose challenge to expert rock climbers.

The Jai nallah is popular for Trout Fish Culture. The stay facility for the tourists is available as “HOLIDAY VILLAGE” built by way of colorfull tented accomodation and the well designed Igloo Huts. The facility for the adventure lovers and trekkers is also available in the shape of a Youth Hostel which accomodates around 150 guests. One feels in the lap of Nature on entering the Valley from “Jai Top”. The Nature’s Lap is surrounded with lush green corniferous trees, towards its east lies Bhalessa Valley to be connected through Jai-Bhalessa Road with a distance of 46 Kms, the road encompasses the beautifull hunting grounds of Bachdhar.

The Valley is also being linked to Kahara area through Kahara-Jai Road with a distance of 27 Kms. It is the ideal place for winter sports as it remains open to tourists even in peak summers when it remains covered under the blanket of snow. .Visitors can also pitch their tents here for weeks together and enjoy house-riding ,trekking in the cool blue waters of mountainous stream. The valley is also known for Wild Herbs like Digitalis Purea, Aconitum, Podophyllum etc. The religious temple of ‘Subar Nag’ and ‘Roshera Mata ‘ are situated at a distance of 4 and 2 Kms respectively on the hillocks called Subar Dhar and Rosher Dhar.

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4. Bhadarwah Fort

Bhaderwah fort
Bhaderwah Fort

It is a place of pride for the erstwhile kings of Chamba and Bhadarwah. The fort, which also housed several freedom fighters, inculding Pandit Kashyap Bandu, Sant Singh Teg and later former chief minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. The fort, which was built in 1733. The fort was converted into jail in 1919. Latest LED based Light & Sound System is being installed in the Fort which will be one of its kind in India.

5. Vasuki Naag Temple Bhaderwah

Vasuki Naag Temple Bhaderwah
Vasuki Naag Temple Bhaderwah

There are four Vasukinag temples In Bhadarwah: one at Gatha, second at Nalthi, third at Bheja and fourth at Nagar Bhadarwah. But the idol of Vasukinag at Bhadarwah is marvelous and a wonder of art and sculpture. Two idols of Nagraj Vasuki and Raja Jamute Vahan, are made of black stone which stands at an angle of 87 degree without any support from either sides. The statues have been standing as they ‘were, on small feet in their original position for thousands of years, although the place has witnessed so many upheavals and geographical changes, including quakes of intense severity. Their inclined position can well be compared with the leaning towers of Egypt.

6. Gupt Ganga Bhaderwah

Gupt Ganga Bhaderwah
Gupt Ganga Bhaderwah

To the east of the town on the bank of river Neru at a distance of 0.5 km, is the old Shiv temple, made of purely stone slabs. It has a tomb like construction and long stone slabs have been used in it. Here Gangaabruptly falls on the Lingam and then disappears. Inside the temple, there is a footprint of Bhimsen on a rock. There is a long cave said to have been used by the Pandavas to reach Kashmir from Bhadarwah during the period of their Agyat-Vaas.

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7. Chinta Valley Bhaderwah

chinta valley bhaderwah
Chinta Valley Bhaderwah

Chinta Valley Is a picturesque valley located at a height of 6,500 feet, has thick coniferous forests on all sides and Chinta nallah flowing through it. Many scenic spots are situated around this place. One such place is known as Thuba, which is situated across Chinta nallah. Horse ride from Baggan to Thuba is enjoyable. Thuba is the highest point which separates the Chinta valley from Bhadarwah. This place also has ancient temple of Lord Shiva

8. Khellani Top Bhaderwah

Khellani Top Bhaderwah
Khellani Top Bhaderwah

Khellani Top also known as Dadni Top. A very beautiful place in district Doda near Khellani. One can reach this place after a walk of 15 kms from main Khellani market. This place is a heaven for trekkers.

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